Flower Bomb Challenge: let's save bees and farmers and plant beauty!

On the occasion of the day of bees on May 20, Slow Food launches across Europe a Flower Bomb Challenge in support of bees and all pollinating insects (bees, bumblebees, butterflies, etc.) which play a crucial role in favor of biodiversity and agriculture.

Without them, a large number of wild and cultivated plant and animal species would no longer exist. Yet industrial monocultures and the use of toxic pesticides are decimating bee and pollinator colonies. 

For this reason Slow Food has promoted the European Citizens' Initiative Let's save the bees and the farmers.  (ICE)

And so we too join the chorus of those who want to plant beauty, the real one, (and save the bees).

The European Citizens' Initiative "Let's save bees and farmers!", led by Pan Europe, invites the European Commission to submit legislative proposals for:

  1. A phase-out of the use of synthetic pesticides

    By 2030 the use of synthetic pesticides shall be gradually reduced by 80 percent in EU agriculture. By 2035, agriculture in the entire Union shall be working without synthetic pesticides.

  2. Measures to recover biodiversity

    Habitats shall be restored and agricultural areas shall become a vector of biodiversity recovery.

  3. Support for farmers

    Farmers must be supported in the necessary transition towards agroecology. Small, diverse and sustainable farms shall be favoured, organic farming expanded, and research into pesticide-free and GMO-free agriculture will be supported

If at least one million signatures are collected, the European Commission and Parliament will be obliged to respond to our requests. Help us achieve this: every signature counts!



To make flower bombs, you will need

🌼 Wildflower seeds - locally sourced native varieties if possible
🌼 Earth or clay dust - from your garden or local garden store
🌼 Peat-free soil (or mixed soil)
🌼 Water
🌼 A bowl

  • Mix 1 cup of seeds with 5 cups of compost is 2-3 cups of clay powder (you can use potting soil instead) in a bowl.
  • Slowly mix the water with your hands until everything mixes well together.
  • Make some meatballs with the mixture.
  • Leave to dry the balls in a sunny spot until they get hard and plant your seed bombs throwing them in the bare parts of the garden or in the uncultivated land of the city (neglected roundabouts, flower beds and flower boxes, etc.) let's plant beauty!

Share this post, sign and share the ICE and if you want, teach all the others to make and plant flower bombs! Thanks to Slow Food Italia for the Tutorial!