Our Story

The Project

A project born from the desire to create art as an expression of love for nature, design and craftsmanship Art, Fashion and Illustration held together by the thread of kindness.

An art studio in the woods and a showroom in a medieval village in the Bassa Sabina: Casperia a small jewel a few km away from Rome, a timeless place where an Academy of Haute Couture kept alive the sartorial tradition which is reflected in the careful work of creating the collections.

The territory in this sense becomes as important as the production process and the ethics behind the project:

to create high-fashion and design Slow Fashion collections starting from plant-based fabrics, made unique by personalized, eco-sustainable, cruelty-free and Made in Italy designs.

The fabrics are of vegetable origin, the print certified.

The only polyester fabric we use is 100% R-PET (obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles), for small accessories. All garments are 100% of the indicated fabric. Our production is responsible, our quality is hight, our care is infinite.

The packaging is reduced to the minimum, we believe that the real experience is the product, in fact we have chosen a compostable mailing bag printed with certified and also compostable inks. With the packaging of cardboard boxes, when necessary, we support the reforestation project with the "Plant a tree" project which always ensures that more trees are planted than those used to make the packaging.

The tailoring workshops are all near Casperia.



Kindness as a daily practice.

The ability to see beauty everywhere. Always..

Beauty as transparency.

Ethic for all the working hands and for all living beings.

Love for the planet. Infinite..

Conscious consumerism, recycling, responsible production.

Made in Italy, tradition and eco-sustainability.

Quality over quantity

Love for this land, every day.

The deepest passion for this life, every moment.

The freedom to be what we are. Without fear..

The vital energy of colors.

The poetry of every blade of grass. And the wind, and the starry nights. .

The will of every woman to be what she wants.

The songs of the birds, the flowers and the leaves on the body, like a dress..



Graduated from the Academy of Fashion and Costume in Rome in Graphics with 110 cum laude, a past as a Graphic and Motion designer for TV, a passion for surface pattern design and fabrics, an house in the Sabine countryside surrounded by nature and a showroom in a medieval village.

She believes in the power of dreams and that, starting from small actions, we can change things for the better.

She is convinced that the revolution can also start from the closets.