Terms of service

Slow Living by Stefania Pochesci creates slow fashion collections from natural or recycled fabrics printed with the graphics she designed, or hand-dyed, illustrations and accessories. Eco-sustainability, respect for animals and work ethics are the basis of the project.


Orders and sizes

Stefaniapochesci's dresses are made in sizes that adapt to different shapes and are declined S, M L and L +. All garments are designed to offer maximum adaptability to the various women's bodies. Each garment is described in all details with the specified measures and variations. In this regard, an individual measurement of shoulders, breast circumference, waist and hips is useful, as specified on each product. For any doubts or requests, write to hello@stefaniapochesci.com or to chat and we will be happy to help with the evaluation.

For all other information that you cannot find on the site, write to hello@stefaniapochesci.com and they will be provided to you before placing your order.


Payment methods

We accept electronic payments with credit card, Applepay, Paypal, Amazon Pay , BankTransfer etc. 

For the bank transfer, specify the order number and name in the purpose of  payment field, after payment, send the payment receipt to avoid waiting for payment (generally 2 working days). Orders with payment by bank transfer are considered null if information or payments are not received within 48 hours, subject to written communication to the customer via email.

To pay with Paypal it is not necessary to have an account. When confirming the order, choose the payment option with Paypal and you will be directed to another secure page, where you can choose between the options whether to pay by debit or credit card.


 Washing info

A garment in natural yarn is a precious commodity and, like a second skin, acts in a beneficial way by stimulating the respiration of our body. For the maximum duration of a slow fashion garment and respect for the environment, wash by hand or in the washing machine at 30 ° or 40 ° depending on the level of dirt  with a neutral soap and to preserve the environment and the skin as well as preserve the fibers, prefer white vinegar or citric acid diluted in abundant water to industrial softener. Use the light spin program to avoid causing unnecessary creases. Always hang out of the warmer sunlight. After use, if exposed to the air for one night, the garments regenerate themselves, losing the smells with which they are impregnated and regaining tone and softness. The dryer is strongly discouraged.



All stefaniapochesci-slowliving garments are individually hand-made. Each garment may differ slightly from the others, and small defects that do not affect the integrity of the garment are to be considered testimony to its craftsmanship. The hand-dyed garments are to be considered unique pieces reproducible in the combination of colors that are always different in the final result. The lack of homogeneity in the dyeing process is to be considered a unique and essential part of the artisan product.


COUPON and promotions 

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Slow Living di Stefania Pochesci is a registered brand, guaranteeing the high quality, reliability and uniqueness of the brand.

All products with our brand are sold only on our online and physical shop.

No one else has currently been authorized for sale.