The secret language of "Abanico" (fan) - Yes / No

The first folding fan as we know it today was probably invented in China and Japan starting from the 7th century, it arrived in Europe towards the sixteenth century from the East thanks to Portuguese and Venetian trade relations.

In the beginning, use was common for both sexes.

Men carried small ones in their pockets while women used the larger fans.

Subsequently its use became progressively exclusive to the ladies, who used it not only as an accessory and status symbol but as a real communication tool.

In fact, in the 1700s the fan reached its peak of fame. Enter the court, churches and all ceremonies. And it is precisely at this point that the complicated secret code develops to be able to communicate with lovers and admirers.

There is no unique code, because it varies from place to place; in any case we have tried to put together a small series of encrypted messages just for you, so that you too can decrypt (or send) messages through the ancient secret code.

Each of our Abanico fans is a unique piece, built in Spain and hand painted in Casperia with all the colors of the sun's rays, choose yours!





 #1 Yes/No

Place the fan on your right cheek (Yeah)

Lay it on your left cheek (No)