Things that maybe you don't know about us.

If you follow us, you know that we have chosen viscose as a cruelty-free alternative to silk. 

In fact, the production of traditional silk requires the killing of the larvae. It is also true that the moths used for the production of silk so called "cruelty-free" are blind, bred only for the production of the yarn and even if in this case the cocoon is used once the moths have come out, the fact remains that being blind and having lost the ability to feed themselves they die anyway. And for us there no beauty in the death of a living being.

This is why we turned to a fabric that for many characteristics resembles silk but is completely of  vegetable origin. Very high quality and digitally printed, with certified inks which at the moment is the most eco-sustainable printing method compared to traditional ones.

But perhaps what you still don't know is that we have replaced viscose with “Ecovero”, the eco-sustainable viscose produced from cellulose obtained from wood whose production is certified sustainable.

In fact, it is an eco-label certified fiber derived from sustainable wood and pulp, coming from certified and controlled sources.

  • Ecovero fibers have been certified with the EU Ecolabel as meeting high environmental standards throughout their life cycle: from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal. Can be better than this? Absolutely yes. We are constantly working to improve our green ethic.

Plus all our garments are made by local tailoring workshops because we have chosen to strongly link our project to the territory.

These are little things that make a difference trying to change things for the better.  Because we are convinced that it is possible. We always have been.