Ethical Manifesto, or daily mantra



Kindness as a daily practice. Because it’s good for the soul. 

The ability to see beauty everywhere. Always. 

Beauty as transparency. Because there is no beauty if there is no truth. 

Ethic for all the working hands and for all living beings. Because we can't pretend anymore. 

Love for the planet. Infinite. 

Conscious consumerism, recycling, responsible production. Because awareness is a duty. 

Made in Italy, tradition and eco-sustainability. 

Quality over quantity, always. 

Love for this land, every day. For the sky, for the trees. 

The deepest passion for this life, every moment. Because we are just passing through. 

The freedom to be what we are. Without fear. 

The vital energy of colors. Because they make the heart smile. 

The poetry of every blade of grass. And the wind, and the starry nights. 

The will of every woman to be what she wants. Finally. 

The songs of the birds, the flowers and the leaves on the body, like a dress.