Small guide for a really special gift. Apology of the shawl

All started as a special gift for a special woman.

I wanted to create something unique that spoke directly to the soul.

Something that could hug her in difficult times.

A month of work and then the research for production, cruelty-free fabrics and eco-sustainable printing, which lasted a year, made up of attempts, tests and failures, until in the end everything was perfectly aligned. 

Ali” (Wings) was born. Since then other shawls have been born. All with a story, with a soul.

To embrace all my women. 

(Man shawls to very soon too…!)

This is why I think the shawl is the perfect gift. Not only because it is beautiful, well made, designed with eco-sustainability criteria, but at the same time a very versatile garment:

It can be worn alone, in all seasons, on a coat to light up yourself with colors or on a dress to make it absolutely unique.

On pinterest I have collected some ideas on the many ways you can wear it, if you want you can take a look here.

When you buy one of our collections you are not just choosing a well made dress or a high quality shawl, you are supporting a production process where transparency, ethics, made in Italy and respect the environment comes first.

We put love and care in all details.

Our packaging is reduced to minimum but no less well cared for. Little things that make a difference.

Remember that in the notes at the check-out you can specify if your order is a gift so we will not include the receipt with the price inside, did you know?

The packaging is eco-sustainable, the envelope is compostable and the cardboard comes from certified sources and it is part of the “plant a tree” project that always ensures that you plant more trees than those used to make the packaging. .... and love spreads from every fiber.

Which in the end is all that really matters. Love.

So now tell me… Which shawl will you choose for your next gift?