The Power of Awareness


Accenture’s Research on Consumer Habits (August 2020)  reported that the pandemic has changed the way people buy and that consumers expect companies to increasingly nvest in sustainable and ethical solutions.

This is great news, but we can still do more.

As consumers, or even better consumer-actors, we must become aware of our key role as influencers of the production processes through our purchasing choices and, at the same time we have the duty to inform ourselves and actively act by making conscious choices in our interest and in that of the community.

Let’s choose quality before quantity, let's ask ourselves what environmental and social impact can have our purchase decisions and whether, within those choices, we are supporting a consumption model that respects work ethic and social justice.

As producers, let’s choose an ethic production that is  environmentally-friendly and respects work ethics, let’s choose to create value before profit, not only for ourselves but for the whole community, let’s try as much as possible to be transparent, loyal and ethical in all our choices.

Change is possible but it is everyone’s responsibility.

Needless to say we also need to undertake key structural reforms to support companies and "consumer-actors", but at the same time awareness and ethics  should be at the basis of each one of those small daily actions of us.

Be more conscious buying less, choosing better, recycling, mending/fixing, reusing. 

In our own way, let’s try to work everyday  to make sustainable fashion  more accessible, respecting  work ethic and being aware of the fact that low cost always hides a much more expensive price that the planet and all of us can pay. 

Because if compulsive, frenetic and low cost shopping can make us feel momentarily satisfied, there’s another side of the coin, less attractive, a void, as Dressthechange points out in this piece Shopping Therapy o shopping compulsivo?

Against this void conscious shopping can do a lot.
It can save us.

And it can save us by changing our shopping habits, eliminating excessive consumption, overproduction and waste, making us reflect on the consequences of our choices and going back value work, eliminating the indiscriminate exploitation of all living creatures and respecting this wonderful, incredible Planet Earth.

This is why we, at Stefania Pochesci Slow Living, choose awareness.

To be a part of that positive evolution we all want to see.

To be able to leave a meaningful legacy to the next generation.

To improve ourselves.

To survive.